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Toyota is Hot on the Trail of Millennials

(Credit: Toyota )

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Toyota is Hot on the Trail of Millennials

Toyota wants to stay big, and it knows drawing in Millennial shoppers is the only way to do that. The automaker has a plan, something the generation that’s now becoming more responsible absolutely can’t resist: connectivity.

The Detroit News recently ran an interesting story about how Toyota thinks piping high-speed data into cars like the Corolla will get Millennials lining up with wads of cash in their hands.

This revolution is starting in Japan, where the average Corolla driver is 70. That might have something to do with the Japanese population in general getting older and people not having kids there. As a way to attract the few Millennials that are on the island nation, Toyota unveiled a fully redesigned Corolla Sport model, which is the hatchback. Sure, it looks sleeker and all that, but you need to keep your eye on the ball: you can check your email from the car.

OK, to be fair, you can do more than that. Toyota says owners can use their phone to open or close the windows remotely. A virtual assistant can help you get directions while driving. You’re probably thinking other automakers do the same thing, and have been for years, and you’re right. Toyota even has offered these types of things on some of its other vehicles, so really this is just another marketing spin job. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing all about connected Toyota vehicles in North America soon, because the Millennials here are going to go crazy over it.

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