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Toyota Finally Reveals the New Supra

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota Finally Reveals the New Supra

Toyota really knows how to make everyone wait for so long, anticipation for the new Supra just dissipates. Finally, we see the automotive legend return. But no, the automaker decided to bring a racing concept of the car to Geneva, so we don’t really get to see what will be sitting in showrooms. Thanks, Toyota.

This GR Supra Racing Concept looks pretty good. Gone is the weird dual-bubble roof I never thought was attractive on Supra renderings, and most of the other funky design elements we saw in renderings or that concept from years ago.

The front end looks appropriately aggressive and missing any hint of spindle funkiness the Lexus brand has adopted way too wholeheartedly. Around back, the headlights follow the body lines well enough. I’ll admit, the last production Supra’s taillights are still way cooler, but these aren’t bad. From the side, the car looks simple, clean, and strong.

For now, the big question is what bits and details are specific to the racing concept and won’t be included on the final production car? I can guess that huge rear diffuser and wing won’t make it. Likely the production model won’t be quite so low to the ground. Probably the racing steering wheel won’t be offered to consumers. Those large heat extractors in the hood might not be production-spec, maybe? We’ll hope the central tailpipe is a production detail and not just one for the track.

So we all know for sure the Supra is coming back, but when is that going to happen? We’re waiting, Toyota!

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