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Tesla Makes Autopilot More Autonomous

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Makes Autopilot More Autonomous

For some, Tesla’s Autopilot represents cutting-edge innovation, while others see it more as an impending doom. Whatever your take, Tesla has announced the latest upgrade to Autopilot, cutting out human action just a little more.

In 2018 Navigate on Autopilot debuted, promising an easier way to go places drivers aren’t familiar with. This feature suggests lane changes, then the driver must actuate the turn signal before the car will actually transition lanes. Now, the car will just get in whatever lane it deems best, without any input from you.

In the official announcement, Tesla says this feature is optional, so if freeing up Autopilot that much is scary, you can turn it off. You can also choose for a chime to signal an upcoming lane change, allowing you to check for yourself if the transition would be safe or not, potentially canceling it in advance.

To guard against people trying to treat Autopilot like Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy, the system will require sensing your hands on the steering wheel before making a lane change automatically.

Only Tesla owners who purchased Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability will have access to the automatic lane changes in Navigate on Autopilot.

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