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Bugatti Working on Budget-Friendly New Model

Bugatti Chiron

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Bugatti Working on Budget-Friendly New Model

Well, it’s finally happened: Bugatti will no longer just cater to people with a personal worth greater than the GDP of Denmark. Yes, the storied French brand is going through a big transition with Stephan Winkelmann, the former head of Lamborghini, at the helm.

Winkelmann knows if Bugatti would just offer something budget-friendly, the masses would flock to it. Even better, make it a battery-electric, because then you could reasonably drive your Bugatti daily, brightening up your otherwise mundane life.

Yes, this new model would retail at the low, low price of $500,000. Yep, pure pocket change for us commoners, am I right?

Instead of pushing out horsepower figures well over into the four digits, this cheap Bugatti electric car would have a mere 800 horsepower on tap. Just how are you supposed to drive to the local welfare office with such an anemic vehicle?

Other details about this future Bugatti model for the masses weren’t divulged by Winkelmann, but they probably include 28 cupholders, three rows of seating, and cloth upholstery with Scotch Guard applied in the factory. Pretty soon everyone’s going to be driving a Bugatti.

Source: Bloomberg

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