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Tesla Creates Genius Dog Mode

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Car Safety

Tesla Creates Genius Dog Mode

Sometimes when you’re out with Fido you need to run into a store. While it’s understandable that people get concerned about dogs left in hot cars during the summer months, sometimes they get a little carried away. Tesla has come up with a genius solution it calls Dog Mode.

There have been quite a few cases of dog owners who left their vehicle running, thanks to remote start features, so their pet could bask in the glory of air conditioning. For whatever set of reasons, people passing by didn’t notice the car’s engine was running, then they smashed the windows to “rescue” the pooch. At that point, the person who broke the window usually faces a fine and possible police citation. This Tesla innovation would avoid that situation.

By selecting Dog Mode, not only do Tesla owners keep the AC running. A message displays on the vehicle screen that the owner will be back soon, plus it shows the interior temperature, all in large letters. This is key, because electric cars don’t make sound when they’re running the AC while parked.

There is one problem: if someone doesn’t notice a noisy gasoline engine running, will they bother to read the message on the vehicle screen? Maybe, but what can you really do with oblivious do-gooders?

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