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Supposedly a New BRZ and 86 Are Coming

(Credit: Toyota )

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Supposedly a New BRZ and 86 Are Coming

Plenty of people doubted if Toyota and Subaru would make a second generation of the 86 and BRZ. After all, cars aren’t exactly in fashion these days, thanks to the rabid SUV craze, especially little coupes. But, if you’ve ever driven one of these, you’ll understand why they’re well-loved by enthusiasts. Maybe they’ll stick around, according to a questionable report from The Japan Times.

In this report, no specific sources are cited, so it might all just be heresy. But, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumblings that a new generation of the 86 is coming. It’s just that we wondered if Subaru would be along for the ride.

Supposedly, the two automakers are looking to create a more performance-oriented version of the coupe. The release target date is sometime in 2021. Yeah, don’t hold your breath or anything.

Funny enough, The Japan Times also reports that Toyota hopes the new car will improve its brand image. I’d say that’s a correct assumption, because if it throws a sick turbo or supercharger in it, or makes it a performance hybrid that still handles like a dream, it will show the automaker is serious about accessible performance. Sure, the Supra will be amazing, but good luck affording one.

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