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People Flip Over Smarts in San Francisco (Video)

(Credit: Youtube)

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People Flip Over Smarts in San Francisco (Video)

Flipped Smart Car

Flipped Smart Car (Credit: Youtube)

Some people think they’re pretty intelligent for driving the notoriously small Smart car, but vandals in San Francisco are almost literally turning the tables. As initially reported by NBC Bay Area, unknown vigilantes are demonstrating that the small cars can easily be flipped onto their side, nose or posterior. So far, police only have a single eyewitness account to work with. The witness described the vandals as six to eight people wearing hoodies, which are somehow always tied to ill-doing.

Police have said that when the vandals are caught, they will be facing felony vandalism charges. As a result, law enforcement is asking for the public’s help in catching the criminals and showing that flipping a Smart is a serious offense. According to many area residents, Smart cars are common since San Francisco parking is notoriously tight.

An exact motive for the crimes is unknown, but speculation is running wild. Some have said that the people responsible for the Smart car abuse have misdirected hostility toward subcompact cars. Others have proposed that the vandals do not like European vehicles, and the Smarts make easier targets than a much heavier Mercedes E-Class. Of course, some people think the people are kids who think it’s funny a Smart car can be so easily flipped.

Of course, kids have been flipping all sorts of items for cheap thrills for years. In the past, the ultra-lightweight VW Beetle was a favorite of pranksters. Youth have also engaged in cow tipping in the past. Reaction on social media has run the range from green lifestyle groups calling out the vandals to some Facebook pages cheering on the tippings.

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