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New Toyota Supra Won’t Debut in Detroit

(Credit: Toyota)

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New Toyota Supra Won’t Debut in Detroit

Prepare to scream: Toyota executive Jack Hollis confirmed to Motor Trend that the Supra won’t debut in Detroit next month. Yes, this waiting game is getting old. But wait, there’s more.

As previously reported, this new car may not be a Toyota, but instead will be branded a Gazoo model. And it might not be called Supra after all — because bringing back an iconic name that has tons of respect would be a really bad move, apparently.

It’s possible the car will be called Supra, because some other names might be better, said Hollis. Yes, scream some more. Maybe they’ll call it the Celica or MR2, or Flower Power. I’m about ready to just give up on Toyota making a really cool move at this point.

Almost four years ago, Toyota made waves in Detroit when it unveiled the FT-1 concept. What’s taking so long? Hollis claims specifications for the car are still being finalized.

The Motor Trend article also states that Toyota won’t turbocharge the 86, because that special treat is being reserved for the Supra, or whatever it’ll be called. This is a frustrating day to be a Supra fan.

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