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Mini Updates the Cooper for 2019

(Credit: Mini )

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Mini Updates the Cooper for 2019

With the current Mini Cooper being a little long in the tooth — it was last revamped back in 2014 — it’s time for a little refresher. No big engineering changes are coming with the 2019 model year, but the little car will look a whole lot more British.

Yes, the lineup is getting a smattering of cosmetic revisions that seem intent on reminding everyone that Mini is a very British brand, even if it is owned by BMW. The boldest of these aesthetic statements are Union Jack patterns in the LED taillights, which is anything but subtle. If that’s not enough for you, an optional piano black finish for the dash features a Union Jack graphic in a variety of colors. It kind of feels like a theme is being beat into your head.

Three new paint colors have joined the ranks, including Piano Black. Shoppers get to choose among an even larger variety of wheel designs.

Of course, the new Mini Yours Customized program means you also can slather the car with accessories with your name or whatever design you want on them.

Not everything is a styling update. The Mini Connected system gets an expansion. Owners will be able to enjoy Apple CarPlay, plus get real-time traffic info. It will even tell you when’s a good time to leave for an appointment in your phone, based on road conditions. Most original is the Mini Find Mate, which tracks the location of bags, key rings, and other personal items so you don’t lose or forget them.

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