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BMW May Make All Minis EVs

(Credit: Mini)

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BMW May Make All Minis EVs

Have you bought a Mini lately? Have you even taken one for a test drive? I say you’re missing out, but BMW says the problem might be the dino juice.

That’s right: BMW may make Mini an all-electric brand, at least for the North American market, and it would do so by 2019. That’s when quite a few other EVs are hitting the market. The move would make Mini a brand aimed at urban consumers, so not much would change in that area.

Supposedly, BMW is going to work with another automaker on the project. Among the possibilities is Great Wall, along with other Chinese companies. Are you scared yet? BMW emphasized to Automotive News it’s talking with non-Chinese automakers, too. We’ll see how this one shakes out.

If you don’t remember, Daimler AG already announced that Smart is going all-electric for North America. People are buying fewer small cars, and that’s the way the Germans are trying to appeal to car shoppers. It seems BMW is thinking that’s a good idea.

Will even more automakers follow this lead? The big problem with all-electric small cars is less area for batteries, so range suffers. But if these are being used in urban centers only, range isn’t as big of an issue.

Nothing’s certain right now, but I’d say chances are strong Mini in North America will swear off gas.

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