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Hennessey Already Has Plans for the New Ford Bronco

(Credit: Hennessey Performance )

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Hennessey Already Has Plans for the New Ford Bronco

Proving that it thinks way forward, Hennessey Performance already has plans to tune the new Ford Bronco. In case you don’t know, the off-roader hasn’t even been revealed yet. Ford plans to launch it as a 2020 model, so a reveal should be coming before too long.

To portray what it’s doing, Hennessey even goes so far as to post a rendering from enthusiast site Bronco6G. So far, Ford’s only showed a side view of the SUV, but the entire thing was covered, so you only got a faint hint at the outline. It looked chiseled and appropriately boxy, seemingly confirming everyone’s suspicions that it will be suitable for hardcore off-roading.

Unfortunately, Hennessey’s post about its upgrade package doesn’t really give anything away about the Bronco. It will have a high-flow air induction system, intercooler, stainless steel exhaust, upgraded suspension, larger off-road tires and wheels. It seems to confirm once more that this machine will be made for trails. Hennessey’s website also says more details are coming, no doubt after the Bronco’s reveal.

It’s likely Hennessey has info about the SUV but is legally bound from divulging anything. It’s seriously tuned other Ford products, and the Blue Oval no doubt appreciates the attention it gets. That, and extreme tunes take a ton of planning, so Hennessey can’t throw them together at the last minute.

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