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Chevrolet Dealership Sues Customer for $25,000

(Credit: © Youtube)

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Chevrolet Dealership Sues Customer for $25,000

Dash Cam Repair Video

Dash Cam Repair Video (Credit: © Youtube)

In a complete reversal of what usually happens, Jim Butler Chevrolet is suing longtime customer Dwayne Cooney for $25,000 after Cooney posted dashcam video of his Chevrolet Malibu being repaired at the dealer’s service department. Cooney installed the dashcam and left it running while the car was at the dealership to prove that he was overbilled for work on his car. The customer claims that he was charged for four and a half hours of work when the video shows that his car was worked on for only an hour and a half.

The Malibu was taken to the service department because the battery would not hold a charge. Cooney says that tire pressure monitor would stay on continuously, potentially causing the problem. The dealership says that the problem was caused in part by the dashcam that was left running.

Cooney posted the dashcam video on YouTube. A judge ordered the video taken down, but then that decision was quickly reversed. The dealership says the video has damaged its reputation unfairly since the video has been creatively edited to make it look like the car was worked on for less time than the repair actually took. The dealer also said that it was never contacted by Cooney about the accusations and that management even offered to sit down with Cooney to work out the problem.

Even better, the dealer says that Cooney submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which was rejected by the organization for undisclosed reasons. The entire issue looks to be headed to trial, where everyone will get their chance to make their case before a judge before a decision is made about who is culpable.

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