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Alfa Romeo Retires the 4C

(Credit: Alfa Romeo )

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Alfa Romeo Retires the 4C

The bad news is the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe is going away. The good news is if you don’t live in the United States and Canada, it’s actually not going away. In other words, North America just lost a hardcore performance vehicle.

Oh, but we do keep the 4C Spider, so there’s that.

Yes, the 4C isn’t a luxury car. In my opinion, too many Americans complained about the lack of noise insulation, optional air conditioning, and rough ride you get with the 4C. It’s not something you take to the McDonald’s drive-through and it most certainly isn’t your daily driver.

Fiat Chrysler announced the 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider for North America is gaining some new features. A rearview camera is standard, as required by law, plus rear parking sensors will help you not ding that beautiful bumper. The car also will gain cruise control, for reasons I just can’t really, truly understand. Some optional equipment that makes more sense will be added to the mix, like carbon fiber side mirror caps, Italian flag side mirror caps (it’s like the Union Jack ones for Minis, only more brash), a race-tuned suspension, or a leather and microfiber sport steering wheel.

So we lose one good hardtop performance car in North America, and that’s a true shame.

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