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Alfa Romeo Could be Brewing a Hotter Giulia

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Alfa Romeo Could be Brewing a Hotter Giulia

The Giulia Quadrifoglio is an impressive performance sedan, but that might not be good enough for the Italians. Autocar claims to have spoken with sources in the know, who say Alfa Romeo is working on a super-hot coupe that will push up to 641 horsepower.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone’s talked about a Giulia coupe. It would be an interesting move, considering coupes are even less popular than sedans these days. The car reportedly will be called the Giulia GTV or Sprint. Personally, I think the second one sounds cheesy.

The secret of this car is that it uses the same engine as the Quadrifoglio, but it’s a hybrid. An energy recovery system created using Formula One tech would provide the extra punch, and it might even be derived from Ferrari’s HY-KERS. In other words, this thing will be nothing like a Prius.

If the Autocar source is to be believed, the Sprint or GTV will break cover late this year and hit the market in 2019. Other versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe are also in the works, for people who maybe don’t have quite as high of a budget, but do not want backdoors.

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