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The Volkswagen Atlas Truck is Real!

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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The Volkswagen Atlas Truck is Real!

It’s just a concept for now, but we might finally have another German truck in America. Well, it would be a German-designed truck built in America, but whatever. The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak uses a name everyone here will struggle to pronounce, something I thought VW was past. I also features those undeniably cool LED badges, plus grille and tailgate treatments, like a Tron vehicle.

Obviously, this truck is built on the Atlas platform, but is over a foot longer than the three-row SUV.

Volkswagen is acting like it won’t build a production version of this pickup, unless there’s enough interest. Translation: go to your local VW dealer and bug them about it, hit up VW on social media, write the North American offices, stalk executives… no, don’t do that last thing. Just make sure Volkswagen knows you want this thing.

Americans love trucks. We can use them to haul things, like our brother-in-law’s couch when he asks us to help him move yet again. They’ll tow that boat you keep meaning to buy. Oh, and they’re great for muscling around people unfortunate enough to drive a small car. Volkswagen needs to build this thing.

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