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Suddenly the Lincoln Continental is Dog Meat

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Suddenly the Lincoln Continental is Dog Meat

One minute you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re on the chopping block. It wasn’t too long ago that the Continental was declared a success, leading the way for Lincoln’s dramatic transformation. Those days apparently are over, at least if you believe a report from Ford Authority.

Granted, this info is coming from unnamed sources within Ford, so keep that in mind. Supposedly, the Continental could be a goner once this generation wraps. Sedan sales are in the toilet across the industry, so some models won’t survive.

For 2017, Lincoln only sold 12,012 Continentals. That’s horrible, especially when you consider the Mercedes-Benz E-Class racked up over 51,000 sales for the year. Yeah, the Continental got worked hard.

Ford’s going through a pretty significant shakeup right now. Considering the company has been in dire straights financially, it’s necessary, but some darlings will be killed in the process. That sucks, but remember that Ford and Lincoln are doing this to make money and keep the lights on.

Speaking of money, Ford Authority brought up the fact Ford dropped more than $1 billion to resurrect the Continental. That’s a huge deficit to overcome, even for a successful vehicle.

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