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Now Ford is Being Accused of Emissions Cheats

(Credit: Ford )

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Now Ford is Being Accused of Emissions Cheats

Here we go again. Ever since Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal, other automakers have been accused of fudging emissions results for their diesel-powered vehicles. This time, Ford is facing a proposed class action lawsuit, which claims the Blue Oval cheated on at least half a million Super Duty trucks.

Supposedly, this cheat allows the pickups to belch out up to 50 times the amount of nitrogen oxide as allowed by law. This sounds really familiar. According to Bloomberg, the affected trucks are from the 2011 to 2017 model years.

Of course, Ford is denying these allegations. To be fair, there seems to be no solid proof of wrongdoing. But remember that Volkswagen tried to play things off as overblown at first, so that doesn’t mean this lawsuit is garbage.

Supposedly, Ford and Bosch colluded to make the onboard diagnostic software show the emissions system is working as it should, when in fact it’s pretty much doing nothing. This isn’t the best timing, since Ford just unveiled the new F-150 Diesel, and you have to wonder if that wasn’t on purpose.

The lawyer pushing to get this class action suit off the ground made an attorney-like joke, saying the trucks should be renamed “Super Dirty” instead of Super Duty. Yeah, it was a pretty lame attempt at humor.

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