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Rumors Swirling Around a VW Truck for the U.S.

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Rumors Swirling Around a VW Truck for the U.S.

People in North America are suddenly discovering the advantages of a midsize pickup truck, and apparently Volkswagen is noticing this trend. The German automaker already has one, the Amarok, but it’s sold overseas only. However, that could change in the near future.

GM Authority uncovered a VW filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the Amarok name. That’s really not concrete evidence that the truck is coming stateside, because Volkswagen has done this twice before, and we still don’t have the pickup.

Before you think this whole thing is a far stretch, CarBuzz pointed out that Volkswagen has already talked about creating an Atlas-based pickup truck. Would the company use the Amarok name? I think that would be a mistake, because Americans will struggle to pronounce it or remember what the truck is called, and that kind of a thing is a marketing nightmare.

To be honest, this is still highly speculative. VW may or may not try to sell a pickup truck in North America. If it does, thanks to the infamous chicken tax, it must be manufactured here.

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