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Lanmodo Tent Keeps Your Car Safe Wherever You Park

(Credit: Lanmodo )

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Lanmodo Tent Keeps Your Car Safe Wherever You Park

Getting bird crap on your freshly-washed car sucks. So does touching a red-hot steering wheel. Lanmodo wants to rescue you with its Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent. It’s essentially a large rectangular umbrella for your car.

That sounds ridiculous, but this product actually has serious merit. You stick it to the roof of your vehicle using a heavy-duty suction cup, then use the remote to fold the tent or umbrella out. This whole process takes about 30 seconds and the benefits are pretty nice.

This product helps keep your interior cooler, which in the summer is almost literally a lifesaver. It also keeps snow from accumulating on your car, plus it shakes the snow off using the motor when it starts to accumulate on the tent.

Bird droppings and leaves on your car will be a thing of the past. The tent is even strong enough to shield your ride from falling rocks, bricks, or damaging hailstones. Thanks to heavy-duty straps that secure to your car, some clever venting and a two-layer design, the tent can handle fairly strong winds.

With a device that costs a few hundred dollars, theft is always a concern. Lanmodo includes a strap that feeds through the car interior to keep the tent from walking away. Also, the fact the tent won’t fold up without the remote is a great theft deterrent, because carrying it deployed is almost impossible and super obvious.

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