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BMW Overhauls X1 for 2020

(Credit: BMW )

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BMW Overhauls X1 for 2020

BMW has unveiled a light refresh for the 2020 X1, keeping it competitive in the subcompact luxury crossover market. The most obvious change is the larger grille, matching the new kidneys on the BMX X5 and X7. A new shape for the headlights also lines up with newer BMW SUV designs. Down lower, everything has become more aggressive around the turn signals, adding a sportier flair to the vehicle.

2020 BMW X1 (Credit: BMW)

Not quite as many changes have been applied to the BMW X1’s rear. Of course, the taillights have been reshaped to keep everything fresh. Enlarged chrome tailpipes also help with that sporty vibe.

If you get the M Sport package, the body-color front and rear bumpers look even more aggressive. Same goes for the unique side skirts and trim around the wheel arches.

Across the board, the 2020 BMW X1 gets some new paint colors and wheel designs. Sadly, the classic Estoril Blue has been axed.

2020 BMW X1 interior (Credit: BMW)

While the cosmetic changes to the X1 are many, what’s under the skin is pretty much the same. About the only change is a new eight-speed automatic from ZF. It comes with new gear ratios plus revised software that supposedly speeds up acceleration and makes gear changes smoother overall.

A sign of the times, the 2020 X1 gets a touchscreen upgrade from 6.5 inches to 8.8 inches. There’s also new satellite navigation software that hopefully won’t literally lead you astray. The final interior tweak is a new shifter to control the 8-speed automatic.

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