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Tesla Will Now Make Its Own Car Carriers

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Will Now Make Its Own Car Carriers

Tesla, which has been struggling to keep Model 3 production even somewhat consistent, is facing yet another challenge: delivering the cars to new owners. Not having a dealer network for streamlining distribution, Tesla has angered some people as their vehicles sit just out of reach in the same city for what seems like no good reason.

The solution, as any logical person knows, is to start making your own car carriers. After all, the car carrier system in the U.S. is totally corrupt, and when you’re already a pro at making a ton of cars, adding another vehicle to your manufacturing concept isn’t a big deal.

The Reuters report that covered this latest genius move by CEO Elon Musk made no mention of what the car carriers will be, and neither has Musk amidst his Twitter ramblings. But, it seems the Tesla semi is a natural fit. Just how quickly Tesla can get these carriers on the road is questionable. That, and Musk doesn’t seem to understand how sticking to your core competencies is a wise practice.

Maybe next Tesla could start making its own tires, or roll out with a lineup of maternity wear? There are so many other markets it could really upend, if only it spread out resources super thin.

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