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Porsche Wants Your Car And Home To Both Be Smart

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Wants Your Car And Home To Both Be Smart

In the future, your car and home will work together as one, at least in some ways. No, I’m not talking about sleeping in your car down by the river.

Porsche has partnered with home-iX, a startup tech company in Stuttgart, Germany. The two are working on integrating smart home features and vehicles more than ever. If you’re not aware, smart home tech can let you control all sorts of things from anywhere inside your house, or from just about anywhere else. You can turn the thermostat up or down, adjust the slow cooker, or dim the lights in a certain room.

For now, Porsche is staying mum about what exactly you’ll be able to control in your home from your car. No doubt, it’ll go beyond just the usual stuff, like what I mentioned above. Knowing you can double check that you turned off the oven after rushing out the door will give plenty of people peace of mind, and Porsche obviously sees value in that. But there are many other potential uses, ranging from security to helping you get more done in a day.

A pilot project is in the works. We’ll likely hear more about it within about two years.

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