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Toyota Threatens to Move Camry Production Out of the US

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota Threatens to Move Camry Production Out of the US

This one may ruffle President Trump’s feathers: Toyota might shift Camry production out of the United States. The automaker says it’s cheaper to make the midsize sedans in Japan, using an internal video to get the message across to its U.S. workers in Kentucky.

Right now, management in Kentucky is working overtime to shed costs. Wil James, who is the plant boss, told Bloomberg there’s no plan to shut down the facility. Considering how massive the installation is, even suggesting that is pretty ridiculous. But not making the Camry there anymore apparently isn’t a laughing matter.

During 2016, over half a million vehicles rolled off the production line in Kentucky. Toyota claims over 8,000 employees at the facility, with another 1,500 temporary workers.

Things are even more interesting, because Bloomberg reports some people at the Toyota plant are working to drum up support for United Auto Workers union representation. Depending on how you feel toward labor unions, you might cast UAW or Toyota management in a negative light for this situation.

Even if Camry production leaves the U.S., plenty of people will keep buying them. And the facility in Kentucky won’t close its doors. As for unionization, we’ll see what happens.

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