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Man Sells a Precious Body Part to Buy a Nissan 370Z

(Credit: Nissan)

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Man Sells a Precious Body Part to Buy a Nissan 370Z

Well, this is awkward. Nova 96.9, a radio station from the land Down Under (no pun intended), recently reported a man sold his left testicle to fund the purchase of a Nissan 370Z.

No, I’m not lying. Yes, this is real. And likely, nobody has wanted a 370Z more than this poor sap.

You can come up with your own puns about this unusual vehicle financing move. He put his balls on the line for the car, he’s a Nissan nut, etc.

The guy in question, Mark Parisi, apparently always dreamed of owning a Nissan 370Z. He lusted after one so much, he realized selling a testicle would generate $35,000 cash, just enough to get his Z.

“It’s a serious car for serious drivers,” Parisi said. To which, plenty of people could say, “no ****!” The kind of serious he’s talking about probably isn’t the same kind of serious everyone else is thinking of, but I doubt he gets that.

So, if you have a dream car, consider selling a kidney, spleen, or maybe one of your testicles (sorry, ladies). Apparently, it beats working hard and saving up.

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