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Porsche Pushes New Wet Mode for 911

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche Pushes New Wet Mode for 911

With a new generation of the venerable Porsche 911 comes two things. One is a design evolution, because the car doesn’t morph too much in shape. The other is a new Wet Mode assistance system. It’s a cool safety innovation Porsche wants to promote at a time when safety technologies seemingly kill the fun of driving.

First, yes, you elect to use Wet Mode at any time. Porsche 911s are designed to be driven on a track, so removing assists becomes a necessity since that kind of technological wizardry is like cheating.

What the system does is monitor for significantly wet conditions on the road. Hydroplaning is no fun as you feel your car move in directions you never intended and have no control over. What this tech does is use acoustic sensors embedded in the front wheel houses to monitor wheel spray. From that the system can trigger stability management and traction management, and the driver is given the option of engaging Wet Mode.

From there, a few changes cascade. The engine reduces built-up torque and flatten throttle response. The PDK changes how it shifts, then stability management becomes more sensitive and responsive. In all-wheel-drive models, torque distribution goes more to the front wheels. To encourage understeer, the flaps in front of the adaptive rear spoiler automatically adjust. Finally, the rear differential lock doesn’t engage to the same degree, all in the name of maintaining control.

Of course, you still have to drive carefully, but Wet Mode should help prevent accidents.

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