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Nissan LEAF Sales Are Surging

(Credit: Nissan )

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Nissan LEAF Sales Are Surging

The 2018 Nissan LEAF marks the beginning of a second generation for the EV, and so far it’s selling well. As Inside EVs pointed out, during the month of February, the car racked up 8,400 sales. If that number held steady for a year, which isn’t at all likely, the annual total would be about 100,000 sales.

While almost 4,000 were sold in Europe and Japan during February, US sales were slow at not quite 900. Blame that on the cars not hitting dealers as quickly as anticipated. March sales in the US should be a lot higher, but we don’t know if they’ll hold even remotely steady in the other two markets.

Nissan is exploiting the slow rollout of the Tesla Model 3, something GM has been doing with the Chevy Bolt. The car is also riding high as a contender for World Car of the Year and having won the Kelley Blue Book Lowest Cost to Own Award. The new LEAF boasts an improved range, more features, and cutting-edge tech.

The problem in the United States is we have a growing number of EV options. Exactly what that means for the new LEAF isn’t clear, but sales here might not surge like some people are hoping. March should give us a better idea of how things will play out.

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