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Musk Claims Almost 1K Model 3s Made Per Day

(Credit: Tesla )

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Musk Claims Almost 1K Model 3s Made Per Day

Elon Musk stated in a recent email to his employees that Tesla Model 3 production has almost hit the 1,000 units a day mark. That’s impressive, because it’s a goal the automaker has been trying to achieve for some time. Still, not everyone’s a believer.

It seems nothing is more polarizing in the automotive world than Tesla. Naturally, the Model 3 is a controversial car, and people love to argue if it’s just a bunch of hype or will transform how we get around.

While Musk tends to overstate some things, that’s not always the case. Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker seems to confirm that just under 1,000 Model 3s are rolling off the production line each day. The overall trend is that Tesla is whipping out cars at a quicker rate. By early next year, Model 3 production should cross the 150,000 units mark.

With these revelations, it seems his assurance that the Model 3 should enter volume production during the first quarter of 2019 is spot on. That means the fabled $35,000 car will finally start rolling off production lines, further cementing Tesla’s position in the market.

Source: Electrek

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