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Upcoming BMW EV Will go the Distance

(Credit: BMW)

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Upcoming BMW EV Will go the Distance

The Tesla Model 3, a car already caught up in quite a bit of controversy, is about to have some serious competition from BMW. According to a MotorTrend report, the BMW iNext will go 435 miles on a single charge.

Of course, everyone will have to wait until 2021 for this new Bimmer. You may think by then the Model 3 will boast an even further range. That’s possible, but considering just making a decent amount of them is proving a challenge, that might not be likely.

Not only is the iNext going to be able to travel far on a single charge, it will be loaded with other tech goodies. For example, it supposedly will be Level 3 capable. That means the car can drive itself in most on-road scenarios. BMW says that soon, maybe a year after the iNext launches, it will handle Level 4 driving.

A “Boost” feature acts kind of like a HUD, projecting info on the windshield. Instead of just being navigation directions, drivers will get tips on how to improve the car’s performance.

BMW is quickly pushing toward being the top electric car producer in the world. The iNext should be a big step in that direction.

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