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Mazda Working on Internal Combustion Engine Cleaner Than EVs

(Credit: Mazda)

Fuel Efficiency

Mazda Working on Internal Combustion Engine Cleaner Than EVs

If Mazda has its way, the Japanese automaker will be raining on the electric car parade before too long. Per an Automotive News report, the company is hard at work on Skyactiv-3, a new gasoline engine technology that will make its cars as clean as any EV.

Sound too good to be true? Electric car supporters are understandably skeptical, among others. But, you have to admit the Skyactiv-X tech has been impressive. Mazda no doubt has more tricks up its sleeves.

To beat EVs at the clean energy game, Skyactiv-3 will reportedly run at about 56 percent efficiency. That alone is a feat, since no internal-combustion piston engine has used more than half its fuel energy as power, instead of it going to waste as heat or friction.

If Mazda achieves this lofty goal, that’s a 27 percent boost in efficiency over the Skyactiv-X engines. We have no idea how Mazda thinks it will do this, because trade secrets and all. The company isn’t giving a timeline for the Skyactiv-3 engines to launch, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s probably going to be a few years.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: all these countries, states, cities, etc. banning or talking about banning internal combustion engines are going about it all wrong. And Mazda could end up making them look foolish. I say good on Mazda for that.

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