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Atlis EV Pickup Charges in Under 13 Minutes

(Credit: Atlis Motor Vehicles )

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Atlis EV Pickup Charges in Under 13 Minutes

While electric vehicles have risen in popularity, there are admittedly some problems. Electric automaker startup Atlis is looking to fix two big shortcomings: the lack of all-electric pickup trucks and ridiculous charging times.

It recently used a prototype battery at an EVgo fast charger in the city of Phoenix, Ariz. The result was a full charge in a mere 12 minutes and 35 seconds, far surpassing the original goal of 15 minutes. While other automakers are talking about recharge times this quick, Atlis is showing a proof of concept.

To be honest, this test was done with a 3 kWh battery pack, so it wasn’t exactly the size a production model would use. Atlis says the tech is fully scalable, so doing the same thing with a much larger battery pack will be completely possible.

It gets even better: Atlis is looking to introduce ultra-fast vehicle chargers, ensuring enough power is available to replenish the battery quickly. That was the main reason for only using a 3 kWh battery pack for the test.

This development could help speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. Many people in North America depend on pickup trucks or even just like driving them. If Atlis were to offer electric pickups that charge in 13 minutes or even quicker, an even bigger wave of EVs could be on the horizon.

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