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Mercedes-AMG Wants EVs to Play Linkin Park

(Credit: Mercedes USA)

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Mercedes-AMG Wants EVs to Play Linkin Park

Have you heard of Linkin Park? Who hasn’t? Mercedes-AMG wants you to hear even more of the rock band, thanks to a creative venture it’s working on at the moment.

The problem is that electric vehicles don’t make a lot of noise. That’s great for sound levels in cities, but really bad for pedestrians and cyclists. Perhaps you’ve had a Toyota Prius or Tesla Model S sneak up on you in a parking lot before. It’s a startling experience.

Back to Linkin Park, apparently the band is helping solve the problem of quiet EVs. Exactly what that means is a mystery, according to a report from automotive website Wheels, which interviewed Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers.

Apparently, the automaker and rock band have been working together for a few years now? Yeah, that’s not common knowledge. But who better to make electric cars noisy than a band known for creating music that irks parents around the globe?

It’s not really clear if the future Mercedes-AMG EVs will play a Linkin Park song, a sound the band makes/comes up with, or just something the musicians signed off on, like when Posh Spice helped design the Range Rover Evoque. A little star power may help sell people on the ultimate results.

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