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We Finally Get A Look At The Mercedes-AMG Project One

(Credit: Mercedes USA)

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We Finally Get A Look At The Mercedes-AMG Project One

Hypercars are a special breed, and the new Mercedes-AMG Project One is no exception. Some people say it resembles an angry fish – they’re not wrong. While I’m sure the fish aesthetics have to do with great aerodynamics, it’s what’s under the skin that I find truly impressive.

Instead of stuffing some massive biturbo V-12 into the car, as AMG has a history of doing, the engineering team took a turbocharged 1.6-liter V-6, mounted it midship, and teamed it up with four electric motors. Yes, four of them, with two on the front axles, one mounted on the crankshaft, and the fourth attached to the turbocharger. That combination produces over 1,000 horsepower, without a big heavy engine block. The engine can rev to an earth-shattering 11,000 RPM, thanks to pneumatic valve springs.

Top speed comes in at over 217 mph, so the fish face serves a purpose there.

Of course, Mercedes is drawing a direct line between the Project One and its Formula 1 knowledge, considering the engine and electrically assisted turbocharger originated with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 car.

The rectangular steering wheel with mounted controls looks like what F1 drivers use. Wide-format LCD screens work for all the instruments. As for the seats, they’re joined together, and so cover the center tunnel.

If you want the Project One to impress your friends, you better have quite the savings. It reportedly will go for about $2.7 million. Only 275 will be built for the United States, making this a hot property for collectors.

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