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Mazda Cranks More Performance for the Miata

(Credit: Mazda )

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Mazda Cranks More Performance for the Miata

Everyone can stop complaining about the Mazda Miata being too weak. Even though the automaker said it wouldn’t cave on this issue, because the Miata was perfectly balanced and all that, it’s finally giving in.

If you don’t remember, the four-banger in the current Miata pushes a mere 155 horsepower. Yes, it also weighs around 2,400 pounds, but enthusiasts don’t think it’s enough. In the next round of updates, that figure will bump to 181 horsepower, a gain of 26.

Will you feel the difference? Maybe. The Miata is quite light, so a small bump in power can yield bigger results. The engine also will have a higher redline of 7,500 rpm instead of 6,800, which is always fun. A telescopic steering wheel is another change, which is great for really short drivers.

Road & Track caught the update from a report by Japanese automotive site Car Watch. Since then, Mazda has confirmed those figures, so this isn’t just rumor. It’s important to note that the horsepower bump hasn’t been explicitly stated for the American market, but Road & Track did find it in an NHTSA filing, so it’s all but certain for here.

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