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Jaguar I-Pace SVR May Not Happen

(Credit: Jaguar )

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Jaguar I-Pace SVR May Not Happen

Jaguar has built up its SVR line to rival BMW’s M and Daimler’s AMG, but one vehicle may not be included in the party. British automotive site Autocar claims an I-Pace SVR might not happen. Why? Believe it or not, because such a version of the automaker’s all-electric crossover would be too quick.

Yes, Jaguar believes vehicle acceleration might’ve jumped the shark. We have Japanese startups demonstrating a 0-60 run in under 2 seconds. In an interview with Autocar, Jaguar officials said most people wouldn’t want to do such hard acceleration once or twice because it would be too brutal. They also noted that such performance could be “too much for untrained drivers.” Gee, you think?

If an I-Pace SVR were to happen, it would concentrate more on handling performance. That’s brilliant, because quite frankly Tesla has been focusing more on straight-line acceleration. It’s a great way to differentiate the I-Pace from the Model X or other all-electric SUVs.

Reading the Autocar interview, it becomes obvious that Jaguar is floating this idea to see how people react. If you want an I-Pace SVR that could carve up an Autocross course, contact Jaguar and let management know.

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