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Porsche Gets Caught in VW Diesel Emissions Fallout

(Credit: © Porsche)

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Porsche Gets Caught in VW Diesel Emissions Fallout

Porsche walked out of the Dieselgate fallout last year without much damage. That seems to have changed, with a recent recall of 60,000 diesel models.

Bloomberg says all recalled vehicles are in Europe, so you can rest easy if you’re in North America. All the recalled models are Cayennes and Macans.

You’ll be shocked by the reason these SUVs were recalled: they contained software designed to cut down on emissions that control nitrogen oxide pollution. Clutch the pearls, catch your breath, because the Volkswagen Group has never been accused of doing such a thing.

Just a week before, Audi stopped delivering diesel versions of the A6 and A7. In other words, the horrors of Dieselgate continue on. Porsche has sourced its diesel engines from Audi, so you can connect those dots.

The public is obviously getting sick of the deception and resulting pollution, with more cities in Europe banning older diesel vehicles. It’s news like this that will continued to erode support for diesel cars, new or old.

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