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Geely Could Drop $2 Billion on Lotus Comeback

(Credit: Lotus )

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Geely Could Drop $2 Billion on Lotus Comeback

In case you’ve forgotten, Lotus was purchased by Chinese automotive giant Geely Holding Group. Now, a new report from Automotive News says Geely is considering sinking about $2 billion into the British car legend. The aim is to bring Lotus back to its former glory, or maybe even push beyond that.

Considering what’s happened with Volvo under Geely’s care, this could be huge. Volvo mismanaged itself right into Ford ownership, which was disastrous, then floundered after. Today, it’s cranking out some impressive vehicles, showing a level of composure the Swedish automaker has never demonstrated before.

Back to Lotus: this huge investment would involve research centers and production plants in the UK. That’s great for the British economy, which has been interesting with the Brexit thing.

There’s no doubt new models are in the works. Exactly what Geely and Lotus are planning isn’t certain, but there will likely be at least one crossover in the mix. Could the return of the Esprit be a possibility? All-electric cars, or at least plug-ins, should be part of the plan as well.

So far, the Chinese have spent about $11 billion on Lotus, so what’s another $2 billion?

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