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Ford Might Bring the Compact Pickup Back

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Might Bring the Compact Pickup Back

Do you think the smaller pickup trucks of today are too large? You’re not alone, with plenty of enthusiasts whining about this very thing online, and apparently Ford has heard everyone’s complaints. According to a Motor Trend report, the Blue Oval just might make a compact pickup truck for the United States.

Before you get too excited, know this truck would be based on the Focus. There will be no towing your yacht to the lake or dropping a front-loader’s worth of landscaping pavers into the bed. But not everyone needs or wants to do those things and can admit it.

So here’s the kicker: the report says the Focus-based pickup truck will be used in many international markets. It’s not so sure Americans would want it. Apparently, our reputation for taking on mortgage-sized payments to have something capable of towing a city bus isn’t helping. The thing is, I suspect enough people in this market are tired of that dynamic.

There’s another possible hang-up: the possible trade war. Tariffs could kill the Focus pickup truck’s slim chance of coming to America. The truck it’s replacing is currently built in Brazil, and that probably won’t change.

Would you drive such a truck? Or do you need something that can’t enter a public parking garage?

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