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Detroit Auto Show Might Shift to June

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Detroit Auto Show Might Shift to June

With an increasing number of automakers pulling out of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, organizers are contemplating holding it in June starting in the near future, according to a Detroit Free Press report. That move would put the show in the middle of the summer, a time when no other major shows are held. It’s a bold switch that could make the Motor City gathering quite relevant once more.

Most auto shows happen from the fall into the spring. Even the Paris Motor Show has seen numerous automakers drop out of the lineup, which is a disturbing trend.

Not only would Detroit be the only big show in the summer months, that means nobody would have to endure the brutal Michigan winter. Without inclement weather, organizers could open up plenty of outdoor display spaces. Those would occupy closed-off public streets and other open areas in downtown Detroit, showcasing a city that’s bouncing back from deep economic problems.

Potentially, attendees could ride in the upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor through a simulated off-road trail course, or take the upcoming C8 Corvette for a spin on a small track. Those types of experiences aren’t possible at most other shows.

For next year, the show will go on in January, like before. But, maybe for 2020 everyone will be basking in the sunshine, instead of huddling in the Cobo Center.

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