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Next Time It Floods You Might Drive Your Car Into A Giant Sandwich Bag

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Next Time It Floods You Might Drive Your Car Into A Giant Sandwich Bag

With so many natural disasters lately, in particular hurricanes, it’s nice to see that humans are finding ways to adapt. Some experts think we’ll be seeing bigger storms on a regular basis, which means flooding and destroyed cars. That’s where this giant sandwich bag, called the Flood Guard, comes into play.

You can drive your beloved ride into this bag and seal it up, keeping your car flood damage-free. The Flood Guard is sold in various sizes, so you can use it on a good range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. After all the news about guys driving their project cars into their living room to wait out the storm, this is a way to avoid shampooing tire tread stains from carpet.

Joking aside, this is far more than just a giant sandwich bag for your car. It comes with straps that allow you to cinch everything tight, plus padding to protect your car from collisions that can happen when it’s underwater. You even get to secure your car with the four extra heavy-duty anchoring points on the bag.

The process of using this bag looks easy enough, two people could probably do it in well under 20 minutes.

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