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Lincoln Will Electrify Every Model By 2022

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Lincoln Will Electrify Every Model By 2022

Lincoln has an aggressive plan to electrify each model it sells in the United States by 2022, according to Reuters. Sources claim that an official announcement could come in early October, which is when Ford’s new CEO will meet with investors. File this as more evidence electrification is the near-term future of the automotive industry.

Expect to see plug-in hybrid versions of each Lincoln model as the new generations start rolling out. The MKC reportedly will be the first.

As part of this new initiative, Lincoln brass supposedly is thinking about launching one or more all-electric models. If that’s something Lincoln is just considering, something’s wrong. Actually, something’s been wrong with Lincoln for a long time.

This electrification plan not only would help the luxury brand be more appealing in the United States, it could solidify Lincoln’s spot in China. Those are the two largest car markets in the world.

Volvo already created huge waves by announcing its plan to electrify its entire lineup in the coming years. Other European brands are revealing aggressive electrification plans on their own.

Ford Motor Co. has a plan to launch 18 new electrified vehicle models in five years’ time. That would, of course, count the Lincolns.

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