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Now You Can Do Dialysis For Your Car

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Now You Can Do Dialysis For Your Car

Changing oil is for schmucks. At least that’s what RobinOne wants you to believe. The new filtration device is supposed to act like dialysis for your car. It removes dust, water, and other particles from your oil, sending clean oil back to your engine. Watch the video to see a deeper explanation.

I know, you’re saying the oil filter actually already does this same job. The big deal about the RobinOne is that it supposedly can extend the life of your oil to as much as 124,000 miles. You just hook it up to the car every 6,200 miles, if you drive in the city a lot, or every 12,400 miles if you drive on the highway a lot. Do both? Maybe split the difference, I guess.

RobinOne says you still have to swap out your oil filter every 37,000 miles.

Is this legit? You decide.

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