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Watch Mazda’s Own Real People Commercial

(Credit: Mazda )

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Watch Mazda’s Own Real People Commercial

Mazda is launching its own “real people” commercial onslaught, somewhat like Chevrolet. It started with Toyota a few years ago (remember the “grounded to the ground” Camry couple?).

As you can see above, Mazda’s put its own twist on things. It takes two people who supposedly drive a luxury car, plus are a designer or architect, the kinds of individuals who know beauty and refinement, right? The only problem is they can’t identify a vehicle when pieces of fabric cover all the badges. It’s a little far-fetched, or maybe people really are that out of touch with what vehicles look like?

In the ad, you can see a Mazda6 go up against a Mercedes and Audi. Of course, the Mazda wins, because the people who preferred the German cars didn’t make the cut?

This new commercial is part of Mazda’s Driver’s Choice Event. Will it help pump up Mazda’s deflated sales numbers? We’ll see.

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