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Tesla Now Wants To Take On The Kwik-E-Mart

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Now Wants To Take On The Kwik-E-Mart

Tesla keeps things interesting in the automotive industry, but not always in the way you might expect. This time the California automaker is hinting it may want to give convenience stores a run for their money.

CTO JB Straubel talked with the media present at FSTEC, a foodservice technology conference, saying that his employer could be preparing to populate Supercharger locations with convenience stores. They would cater to a captive audience that already waits for 20 to 30 minutes once their car is hooked up to have the battery charged enough to continue on their way.

Restaurant Business quoted Straubel as mentioning that this new venture would address the need for Tesla owners to visit the bathroom, grab a bite to eat, and buy a cup of coffee.

Specifically, Straubel said Tesla won’t create its own version of the Kwik-E-Mart. That’s disappointing, because Elon Musk could’ve hand picked the selection of Slushy flavors. It’s a missed opportunity, but Straubel made it clear that Tesla wants to partner up with restaurants or other companies. No doubt, Maverik isn’t on the short list, but you can hold out hope for 7-Eleven. Starbucks seems like an obvious possibility, and maybe Amazon will want to plop down mini-Whole Foods convenience stores to offer organic donuts and grass-fed beef jerky sticks?

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