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Here Is The Volvo XC40

(Credit: Volvo Cars )

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Here Is The Volvo XC40

The wait is over and everyone finally gets to see the official photos of the Volvo XC40. I have to say it looks far better than I was expecting, and I was anticipating something fairly attractive. It matches the concept from last year surprisingly well, giving us a clean, yet athletic and modern design. The interior, which was supposed to be revolutionary in its layout, looks attractive but not crazy.

2018 Volvo XC40 interior (Credit: Volvo Cars)

Volvo gives shoppers the choice of doing different colors for the roof and the rest of the body, or all one color, with 17 possible combinations.

One of the most important details is the starting price for an all-wheel-drive Volvo XC40 T5: $35,200. It packs a turbocharged four-cylinder that generates 247 horsepower. If you wait until summer of 2018, Volvo will launch a front-wheel-drive T4 model, which will start at 33,200. A hybrid version and one that’s all-electric will be coming later as well.

2018 Volvo XC40 rear (Credit: Volvo Cars)

The first wave of XC40s should hit dealers in the early part of 2018.

Another big announcement from Volvo, the Care by Volvo subscription service is like a program already launched by Cadillac. You lease a new Volvo, and that monthly fee covers everything associated with the vehicle, including insurance, maintenance, and even taxes. In addition, if you need a different Volvo temporarily, you can borrow one. After 24 months, you get a new Volvo.

The Care by Volvo app also lets you share your XC40 with friends or family. You make a digital key for them to get in and drive the vehicle, essentially forming a new twist on car sharing. It’s an interesting concept, for sure.

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