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Mustang Crossover Inching Toward Reality

(Credit: Ford )

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Mustang Crossover Inching Toward Reality

There’s been a lot of talk about Ford killing off cars in North America. The move is supposed to save the company money, since trucks and SUVs make so much more cash. The sole survivor, the Mustang, will get a complete redesign likely for 2021. And, just like the rumors have said, it will probably share its platform with a crossover.

Yes, you could buy a crossover that’s inspired by the Ford Mustang. Maybe they’ll call it the Ford Mustang X.

Don’t worry, an Automotive News report says the Mustang would still have a rear-wheel-drive setup. Ford learned its lesson when it tried to make the Probe the new Mustang, thankfully. But, the new platform would allow Ford to introduce an all-wheel-drive Mustang, which would compete against the all-wheel-drive Dodge Challengers.

Likely candidates to share the new Mustang’s platform are the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Would this mean either one would wear a pony badge or other elements inspired by the Mustang?

Of course, whatever crossover sharing the Mustang’s platform wouldn’t feature the exact same setup as the muscle car. But, it could open up all kinds of possibilities, if Ford’s willing to explore them (no pun intended). Just remember that the Fox Body Mustang shared its platform with the Fairmont station wagon, meaning this isn’t a completely novel move.

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