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Kia Wows With Proceed Concept

(Credit: Kia)

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Kia Wows With Proceed Concept

Kia has given us all a good look at its Proceed Concept car during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, and I don’t mind ogling. I’ll fully admit to being a wagon aficionado, and this is one of the finest modern examples my eyes have ever seen.

One of the best details is the “SharkBlade” C-pillar, which combines with the bold beltline for an effect that turns plenty of heads. Kia even managed to make the tiger nose grille look even meaner, and yet sophisticated.

Right now, this is a concept. Hopefully Kia puts it into production, even though some of the cool details will no doubt be dropped. Suddenly the wagon market is heating up, even in the United States, thanks to contributions like the Volvo V90 and Buick Regal TourX.

Supposedly, this is a glimpse at the next-gen cee’d, which isn’t offered in North America. If so, it’s a huge improvement over the current one. After watering down the concept, the final product could be a bit of a letdown. Maybe, just maybe, someone at Kia will see fit to drop the Stinger’s powertrain in the thing, and bring it to the US market. We’d all have a better existence for it.

Whatever happens, it’s obvious Kia’s designs are headed in a big upward trajectory. The brand that used to be known for nondescript econoboxes is producing increasingly beautiful concepts and production models.

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