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Fisker Supposedly Has Cracked the 500-Mile Range

(Credit: Fisker )

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Fisker Supposedly Has Cracked the 500-Mile Range

Fisker supposedly has cracked the holy grail of electric cars: a battery with plenty of range, that can also charge quickly. Fox Business talked to Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker, who explained this new tech is a type of flexible solid state battery.

This battery reportedly would give the average EV a 500-mile range. That’s great, but Tesla claims the new Roadster will go 620 miles on a charge, as long as you don’t put that neck-breaking acceleration to the test. What’s more impressive, Fisker’s battery supposedly will charge in one minute. Yes, one minute, making it faster than refueling your car. That would eliminate a lot of objections to EVs. You will need a special Ultra Charger, so that could be a problem.

This type of battery costs about one third what lithium-ions do today. Because there’s zero liquid inside, the fire risk is a lot less, too.

The bad news is Fisker thinks this tech is several years away from hitting the automotive market. However, it would first debut in personal electronics. That means you’ll be able to charge your phone in no time, and they can work out any kinks in the design before slapping it on a car.

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