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Daimler Will Recall 3 Million Diesel Vehicles

(Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

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Daimler Will Recall 3 Million Diesel Vehicles

With a few different governments zeroing in on it, Daimler has decided to voluntarily recall 3 million diesel-powered vehicles. The plan is to fix the excessive (read: illegal) emissions levels.

Make no mistake, this is a humongous recall. It involves pretty much every light passenger vehicle made by Daimler. The effort is supposed to cost about $253 million. The thing is, Daimler probably took a look at Volkswagen’s Dieselgate settlements in the United States and decided this was the much cheaper route.

Speaking of Dieselgate, some investigators have claimed Daimler installed a software cheat device on its cars, kind of like VW. Of course, Daimler has vehemently denied the allegations, because admitting to that would be incredibly expensive.

The company is spinning this voluntary recall, with the famous “Dr. Z” (CEO of Daimler) saying the move will help boost consumer confidence in diesel technology. That’s a nice angle to take as a way to save face, especially after Daimler chided Volkswagen during the whole Dieselgate scandal, claiming such a thing could never happen in its ranks.

The takeaway here is if you have a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, or Smart, be prepared to take it to a dealer for a software fix.

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