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VW Really Thinks It Has An Edge On Tesla

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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VW Really Thinks It Has An Edge On Tesla

Volkswagen thinks it can start whipping out all kinds of EVs and beat Tesla at its own game. Tesla fanboys scoff at this notion; after all, VW is the Dieselgate company. It’s also a traditional automaker, which is automatically inferior to a new automaker that somewhat behaves like a tech startup.

What fanboys fail to recognize is Volkswagen has enormous resources. It’s one of the largest automakers in the world. And it’s being compelled to create EVs. From the news that’s been coming out lately, it sounds like Volkswagen isn’t just going through the motions of developing electric cars. No, instead it’s gunning to become the top EV brand worldwide.

Can VW do it? The company’s first stand-alone EV will launch in 2020, when electric models will be more common. Tesla thinks it will be delivering 1 million vehicles a year by then. Of course, Tesla often talks big and underdelivers, so we’ll see.

In the tech industry, Apple is famous for not being first to market with new technologies. Instead, it perfects them. Let’s face it: Tesla has quality problems. Volkswagen thinks it can create EVs that are profitable, of excellent quality, and are fun to drive in more than a straight line.

VW has a huge advantage in China, where Tesla struggles to get a tiny sliver of the market. That’s the biggest automotive market in the world, and the government there is pushing for more EVs. Volvo is also positioning itself to do quite well in China.

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