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Surprise! The New Ford Bronco Probably Will Have 4 Doors

(Credit: © Ford)

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Surprise! The New Ford Bronco Probably Will Have 4 Doors

Some nostalgic saps were thinking Ford would give the new Bronco two doors, just like back in the day. Their bubble was burst by a recent report from Gear Patrol, which spoke to a mysterious engineering resource inside the company. That source claims the Bronco will only be available as a four-door SUV.

This news didn’t shock me one bit. After all, the Jeep Wrangler is weird and one of the last two-door SUVs on the market (I know I just annoyed someone by calling it an SUV). But the Unlimited version has been selling like crazy. With tight economic times, most people can’t afford to be an off-roader and just let it sit until the weekends. They need something practical, and that means four doors.

Some other, juicier details came out of the Gear Patrol report. You can choose to believe them or not, considering anonymous sources aren’t always the most reliable. The SUV’s supposed to have a 500 mm wading depth, which honestly is pretty pathetic considering. Powering it is the same 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 used in the Fusion Sport. Ford will be giving it a starting price of about $30,000, which seems right.

All the talk of a Raptor version of the Bronco is just that, for now. Supposedly, such an SUV isn’t even in development.

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